Saturday, 18 January 2014

Where Have All The Flowers Gone ?

If you've been here before you may have noticed the reduction in illustration on some of the entries. The short explanation is that having been sued for using an image scanned from a twenty-year-old postcard in a previous entry, I have removed anything that might be regarded as copyright to anyone other than me. Well, and a couple of tickets which I didn't design. The dispute has taken over eight months to resolve and while the eventual outcome wasn't catastrophic, it was expensive enough in time as well as cash terms to make it unrepeatable.

In most cases, the absent pictures were largely there to break up the text rather than to be admired in their own right. I find long unbroken passages hard to read from a screen, but hey-ho, a bit of experimentation with fonts and their sizes may improve matters. One reader has already mentioned that they find the white-on-black hard to read. Not sure I agree, but if that proves to be a consensus it is easily remedied. Any views or suggestions on this would be very welcome via the comment button.

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